Welcome!  I feel like I should introduce myself.  This kind of feels like a first date! 

Well just a little about myself… I love to create!  I create in a million different ways, crafting, sewing, painting, cooking, soldering, taking pictures…you name it; I’ve got the supplies in my closet to do it!  I feel bad for my parents and all my old roommates, there were always supplies all over house and there was no telling what I was up to.  As I created I tended to make lots of noise and big messes!  But they always put up with me. 

Photography though is one of my favorites!  There’s nothing better than capturing emotion, feeling, and memories.  And I just love the sound of the shutter – sigh – I know I’m a big dork!

Although I started out, like everyone else, taking off-centered photos of my friends in grade school, carefully rewinding my film, dropping it off at the local drug store, then wait anxiously for a week to get my prints back, I’ve learned some new exciting techniques.  And upgraded to digital!  I played with several alternative photography techniques, but my current favorite obsession is “Through the Viewfinder” (TtV). 


What is that you say?  You haven’t heard of TtV…well let me show you how I do it!


This process utilized 2 cameras…the “top and bottom” camera.  The “bottom” camera can be several different models but they are fabulous vintage cameras.  I use a Kodak Duaflex.


You can use other models such as Kodak Brownie Starflex, Anscoflex, or the Brownie Hawkeye Flash.   No film is actually processed through this bottom camera.  Basically you use your normal digital camera as the “top camera” and take a picture through the viewfinder of the “bottom” camera. This captures all the beauty of those old cameras.  The viewfinder is like a bubble, so images are blurry around the edges and all the speckles and cracks of the old glass are visible.  This process also creates beautiful rounded corners and a black boarder around each image.


So now I bet you’re wondering what this crazy box-contraption is for…

With these older cameras you can’t put your eye right up to the viewfinder. Since you have to pull the top camera back so far, you have to block out the light to get a good clear image.  In order to do that, you need something to fit over both cameras.  Some TtV photographers use pretty complicated and sophisticated devices to do just that.  And although mine is due for a re-make, I’m just not a complicated kind of girl (this is the best I could do!).  So I used what was lying around the house (100 calorie snacks anyone?).  And yes people look at me like I’m crazy when I’m out with my TtV set up…

Its ok, it’s all worth it…


I’m selling prints on etsy.com … if you’re not familiar with this awesome website, you should go and look around.  It’s filled with wonderful talented people who make and sell beautiful things!  My store can be found at:   http://klmphotos.etsy.com