Ahhh traffic!

Is there anything worse than traffic?  Not many things are worse in my daily life…maybe the dentist…maybe.

Ok let me start over…

I’ve always loved cities!  LOVED THEM!  I always thought I’d love to be a chic urban girl conquering the city in my stilettos, on my way somewhere important, talking on my Blackberry.  Turns out I might be more of a farm girl after all.  But I still do love some things about cities.

They are beautiful…filled with interesting people…everything you could want is right there…the arts, culture, museums, parks, sproting events, great food (I could keep going forever).

stlroadsplusnoise2 copy

But then there is also…you guessed it…traffic.

This is a picture I took several years ago on my one and only trip up the St. Louis arch.  I love the winding roads, the gritty feelings…but it also reminds me of TRAFFIC!

Yes I know that there is no traffic in this picture (it was a Sunday) but everyday as I commute into and out of the city I age…I can feel my blood pressure rising…I can feel the years coming off my life.  

Then I go home, have a bowl of ice cream, look out my window at the corn field next door…and feel just fine!