Take a look at this gorgeous couple…


My friend, and fellow Streator girl, Brandi is getting married to a great guy – Cody!  Although getting married seems to be a common theme among my good friends, I can’t wait until Brandi and Cody get married because the wedding is in Vegas!  But before the ceremony, flowers, and dresses come engagement pictures.  Although we started this process a while ago (sorry about the wait!) the pictures are almost finished!  

My friend Maggie and I shot this session together.  It was a first for us working with a pair simultaneously and I think it went pretty well.  Here are a few pictures that I particularly love.  I hope Brandi and Cody love them as well.




This is one of my favorites!


Look how amazing Brandi is!  Brandi and Cody made it so easy to shoot!





The last photo was taken at night time, under a flickering street lamp…but I think it turned out great!


Brandi and Cody, congratulations again!– I can’t wait to see you two again soon (it better be before the wedding!).  Sorry about the wait.  I would say all good things take time or something cheesy…but I’ll spare you  🙂