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During my photography class in college we were learning how the darkroom worked and how to develop prints and a little about the enlargers.  Ok I should stop here and explain a tiny bit about enlargers for those who may be scratching their heads.  Basically enlargers are the machines which the negative goes in which then uses light and light-sensitive paper to create the print.

The print above was created by layering different items (ie. feathers, sequins and lace) directly on the photo paper (which is sensitive to light) and in the spot typically reserved for the negative.  This is called a photogram – or a method of creating a picture in a darkroom without using  a camera.  This reminds me of those crafts I did with my mother on hot summer days in our driveway where we used light-sensitive paper and put things like rocks, pennies, and paperclips on top and set the whole thing outside in the sun.  After several hours the paper turns blue and everything that was shaded by an item remains white.  Do kids still do those crafts?  They should because it was the best!

Anyways – I was fascinated again by this process in the darkroom.  I was reminded of this technique when I ran across PolaroidsandPinholes on Etsy.  She creates beautiful prints and other things using various darkroom and alternative photography techniques 

Look at this beauty:


I just love interesting techniques – She does lots of neat things…check out her work!

And if ya got kids – get some light-sensitive paper and get em’ outside while there’s still daylight!