I love Christmas!  It’s not about getting presents (although those are good too).  I love seeing family, I love the smells, the sounds, decorating.  I love seeing little kids writing letters to Santa and I especially love going shopping for presents for everyone on my list!  I love when I figure out a great gift that I know someone will love.  It’s the best feeling! 

But maybe one of my favorite parts of Christmas is ornaments!  I know, it’s strange.  But ever since I was little I loved to help decorate the tree and hear all the stories behind each ornament.  I love to buy the perfect ornament for people, or to make ornaments!  Just ask my friends and family, they all have received at least 1 handmade ornament, and I’ve got quite a few ideas up my sleeve. 

Well this morning, I was searching my favorite site…Etsy!  And I ran across this amazing store (CutNGlue), I’ve seen her things before but haven’t found her since.  Anyways – I was glad I found her so I could share these amazing personalized ornaments!  Wouldn’t they make great name tags on gifts! 

I just love Christmas!