So I told myself I could only check out one book at a time.  This is partially because I didn’t get a few books back on time and I had some late fees. My mamma would not be proud!  It wasn’t a lot of money but boy did it make me feel guilty!  So I decided I can only check out one book at a time so that I don’t hog up all the library books.

This reminds me of a story…

      When I was little my mother took my brother and me to the library all the time during the summer months.  I got my first library card at age 5.  You had to be able to write your name in order to get your card at age 5 and I was so excited to be able to check out books all by myself.  But there was a stipulation, you could only check out 3 books at a time.  Well that was ok until I was about 6, then 3 books just wouldn’t cut it.  So my mom had to check out the rest of what I wanted.  *Note – see I’ve ALWAYS been a book-nerd…blame my mother 🙂  I couldn’t wait to be an “adult” and be able to check out lots and lots of books at once!

Ok back to today…

So I went to the library today because  I finished my 1 book and I went to get one more book…and I came home with this

Opps…I think I have a problem!