I know I know, I’ve rambled enough about how I’m book-obsessed for the past two days.

I know I know, this blog is for posting photos

I know I know, I’m getting back to it

He he…so I cheated a little.  No one said I couldn’t post photos I took in a library!

I took this photo on real old-fashioned film and processed and printed it myself in a darkroom.  It was part of my college photography class.  I still have this print framed and hanging over my computer desk.  I still love it.  I think black and white photography was perfect for newspapers which were haphazardly stacked in a dusty corner of a beautiful old library.  (P.S. I didn’t mess them up for the beauty of the shot – this is how they were went I found ’em – I swear!)

This photo may not be perfect but I feel such a special connection to all the photos I printed in the darkroom.  You become so intimately connected to that work maybe because you stare at it for so long.  Printing the old-fashioned way is not as quick or easy as you may imagine.  But I loved every minute of that darkroom!

I also was blessed to be able to show several prints (including this one) in a student-exhibit in St. Louis, MO!  I know I was so excited to have a “gallery-opening” in the big city.  Complete with wine and cheese!

What girl doesn’t love wine and cheese?