I love antique stores!  I love old things (I think I’ve mentioned this before).  I like to incorporate vintage items into my house and wardrobe.  In fact sometimes it seems that more of my jewelry is antique than anything else.  I also love to take apart old jewelry and put it back together again in a more modern, wearable way. 

Anyhow…I tend to drag many of my friends along with me on these antique-ing adventures.  It’s always good to have a second pair of eyes as well as someone to help you carry heavy things 🙂

Yesterday I went to Lebanon, IL with my friend Amy.  I knew I may not find much open since it was Monday and Monday’s are antiquers Sunday’s (or something like that)

But look at the treasures I found at Aunt Bea’s Antiques.  (Oh and might I add that a few of these came from the same store on an earlier trip…and I didn’t post some things as they may be Christmas gifts…don’t want to give anything away!)

And look…I even found vintage Christmas ornaments!  Won’t these look fabulous and sparkly on my Christmas tree!

Not sure what my plans are for all these items yet – but I sure do love old door-knobs and skeleton keys and brooches!

Can’t wait to head home to my parents house for Thanksgiving.  I’m planning to leave early and hit some antique stores on the way home!  Hope I don’t find anything too heavy since I’m traveling solo!