If you drive…you need to know about this!

I drive…quite a bit…alone….and it gets bo-o-o-ring! 

So I do what my parents did on long drives – listen to books on tape!

And no…I don’t get them from Crackerbarrel like I used to when we were little…and no they aren’t on cassette.  Books on tape get a bad rap and I just can’t understand this.  I get mine for FREE from the library.  Yup, one more reason why I love the library.  I can get tons of great book downloads right from my local library.  I only get the ones I can put onto my iPod, but they can usually be put on any MP3 player.  Some can even be put on CDs if you want or played right from your computer.

I like to play them in my car as I drive and it’s a great way to pass long drives or boring drives or drives you don’t want to make (like work commutes!)  I listened to some really amazing things on my drive this weekend (more on that later).

Now, my car doesn’t allow me to directly play my iPod, but I have one of those converter thingies.  It plugs in to my cigarette lighter and plays through my FM radio.  These aren’t perfect for those of you who don’t have them already so don’t be surprised about a little static.  But I personally don’t mind it much.  Some converters are better than others…I have the Monster converter now and that’s so far the best I’ve found.

Other reasons I love books on tape:

1. I can listen while doing laundry

2. I can listen while cleaning my house

3. I can listen while editing photos

4. I can listen while cooking dinner

5. I can listen while painting my toenails

6. It brings books to life in a whole new way.  Even if I read the book before it seems like it’s brand new again.

7. I can get them for free

8. FOR FREE!!!

So get out there…and find out if your local library gives your access to free books on tape.