There are lots of photographers out there who commit to taking a photo a day for a year in order to expand on their skills.  I think this is a great idea.  It’s a way to continue to train my eye to see photo-opportunities I wouldn’t normally see.  It is also a way to practice getting the perfect shot the first time and to work on the technical elements behind photography (it’s not all point-and-shoot!). 

I however can not commit to anything for a year…well very few things…that’s a lot of days!  I don’t believe in making commitments I can’t keep.  So I’m going to give the “Photo a Day” challenge a shot for December and see how that goes.  Then maybe I’ll continue a month at a time.  I also think this is perfect for me as winter shots don’t come as easily to me as spring, summer, and fall ones do. 

I’m not going to post the picture everyday.  Instead I’ll post several at once.  It’s just easier for me to manage that…but I promise I’m not going to cheat!  If I forget – I’ll just tell you!

I did take a photo today…but I’ll post it later in the week!  Until then…Happy December!