The past weekend I travelled home to my parents for more than just food, family, and holidays…one of my greatest friends from high school is getting married!  That means showers, bachelorette parties, ceremonies, dancing, great friends and CAKE!  I’m so excited!

Let’s take this one event at a time

This weekend it was time for her bridal shower…which was beyond amazing and perfect for April!  Let me describe April as best I can (and this is difficult because she is one of those people you just have to meet!)  April is first of all an amazing woman.  The things she can accomplish in half a day (after her morning coffee of course) is more than most people can do in a month or more (myself included).  She is the ultimate multi-tasker, hard-working, career-devoted woman all while still maintaining a great sense of family and self.  She is extremely thoughtful, creative, and determined – I just love her and I respect the things she can do (because I can’t even dream of doing most of them).  She works in politics – don’t ask me a lot of questions at this point – I get confused!  Anyways it’s important to realize her love of government and such because her shower was a “First-Lady’s Tea”. 

Oh yea…it was amazing.  My jaw dropped when I walked into the room.  I guess that’s why I forgot to take any full table pictures or pictures of the entire room.  There were so many great details I got all caught up in and excited.

Check these out:


 The room was lit by candles and a few string of sparkly christmas lights and it was decorated with beautiful red roses, matching black and white accents, and her mom’s teacup collection

Even the lunch menu was presidentially – themed (and delicious)!  I can’t even begin to describe how much I loved dessert (Mary Todd Lincoln’s Almond Pound Cake).  April – If I could get that recipe or maybe just an entire truck-load of that cake – that would be fantastic! 

I’m such a sucker for flowers…and these red roses were perfect.  Everything was so warm and cozy and elegant!

Even the plates matched!  I usually end up buying plain white chinet – boy I better step it up a notch!

Each table had these little cards which had White House and food facts. Great idea!

Let’s talk teacups.  I’m not a tea-drinker so I’ve never really needed a teacup.  But after seeing April’s mom’s amazing collection…I think I need to find a reason for teacups in my life.  They are so beautiful and especially meaningful as she gets one whenever they travel somewhere.  I only took a few photos but I think I could take millions of teacup photos (that sounds strange) but they were lovely! 


Sorry for not having any pictures with people in them, or any full table/room shots so you can actually see the greatness.  I’m such a detail girl (especially when the details are this great!)