Ok…I’m back!  I ended up not taking nearly as many photos as I anticipated because I was way to busy winning losing my money in the casinos and seeing amazing shows (don’t worry I’ll rave about them later)!

Leaving on a jet plane…

We’re not in Kansas anymore…look at those mountains!

When I got there…I was too exhausted to take anymore pictures.  But later on I managed to capture the awesome-ness that is The Flamingo.  It was a great hotel.  According to my cab driver it was the 3rd hotel to be built on the strip (apparantly Bugsy had to come down to Vegas to take over the hotel).  It is still filled with some “old-vegas” charm, but the rooms are spacious and super comfortable (and cheap!)

Check out this outside entrance to the casino:

And the pools and waterfalls outside were fantastic

Yup – those are real, live flamingos.  Oh, and it was really sunny – sorry about the photo quality.  But don’t let the sunflare and palm trees fool you.  It was COLD!  Yes, and not oh it’s usually desert-like so 60 is cold.  Oh no we’re talking 30’s cold (and I didn’t pack a coat!)

My Dad flew out to meet me in Vegas…we had a blast! Although when a stranger asked if I wanted him to take our picture together (with my good camera) I did have a small panic attack that he would drop it, or run off with it or something.  Not that I don’t trust strangers (well…sometimes I don’t trust them), it’s just that I feel kind of possessive of my camera…it’s my baby…and I wasn’t in the mood to chase down a stranger who kidnapped my baby, like I already said, it was cold!

Besides the cold, Vegas was great! I’m so glad I get to go back soon for Brandi and Cody’s wedding!  And I’m glad they’re getting married in the Summer when it’ll be hot!