Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies?  I dare all of you out there to dislike cookies and other baked goods. 

Back in High School one day I had an idea to have a cookie party.  I invited a bunch of girls over and we baked…and baked…and baked until we could no longer stand to see sugar or butter every again.  Then we split up the loot and gained 10 pounds (well they probably didn’t, but I think I sure did).

Anyways, I did this for a few years and then we all moved away to college and I kind of forgot all about it.

Until this year.  I had a couple gals over and we baked and baked our little hearts out.  I have since gained 15 pounds.

Yikes! This mess was just 30 minutes in…

Look at those girls hard at work!  I tell ya, it was a whirlwind of baking, sugary goodness! But we produced some pretty delicious things (as well as 12 sink-loads of dishes!)

These pictures are straight from my camera.  Maggie tells me that she heard once adding some blue to food pictures takes out the funky color…I dunno, seems beyond me.  All those food-bloggers, I don’t know how you do it.  But I decided these still make my mouth water so it must be ok.

Look – they are even golden-brown!

Sorry – I fell into a sugar coma before the icing started.  Just use your imagination (and yes they taste fantastic! I know!)

If you’re in the neighborhood feel free to stop by as I’m up to my ears in cookies.  And I can’t shouldn’t eat them all.

Also on a side-note: I’m working on some business posting stuff, I’m working on getting some new Etsy listings together in the next day or so, I’m also still taking daily photos (with only a minor slip-up) and I will post them eventually, it’s just that the cookies were calling my name!

Now get out there and bake eat some Christmas cookies! It makes the Holidays that much better.