Stop what you are doing…

We gotta talk about this face…

Is this not the most handsome little man you’ve ever seen!  Oh wait..what’s that you say…you bet this stud has beautiful blue eyes?

Yup…you guessed right!  Little G belongs to our good friends and neighbors Tom and Kirby.  Kirby also loves her camera and Little G is the perfect subject!  She brought him over a month or so ago and we set up shop in my front yard.  We kept the photo shoot super fast since G wasn’t cooperating fully.  Well he was acting adorable, but smiled exactly once…and it was getting dark.  Here’s the rest of what we managed to squeeze out of our super-speedy Fall session.

He was really into the leaves that day.

Look at those little fingers!

The only time he smiled…at least I was ready!

Oh…he’s going to be a heartbreaker someday!  Thanks Kirby for letting me borrow your little man for a little while!