Just got home (ok so that’s relative…it’s been a few days) from a weeklong trip around the great state of IL.  Thought I’d share a little bit of my holiday adventures!

Sure these pictures make it look like I was somewhere tropical…right?

This was the view outside when I took these photos

Turns out I just know some good gardeners who can actually keep plants alive in the winter.  Remember that poinsettia I posted pictures of earlier…it’s now dead! Oops!  On a side-note: Despite the fate of my poor, poor poinsettia I can garden reasonably.  My plants typically live, I water them, they bloom, and this year will hopefully return (pictures to follow in the spring/summer).

I did a TtV photo-shoot around Joel’s parent’s farm.  They have beautiful buildings!  I have lots more photos that I will share all in due time. (In other words, they aren’t quite cropped and ready for posting just yet – but here’s a teaser)

Isn’t old barn wood just the best!

Then our trip continued up to Galena for a little skiing.  I only took a few pictures because 1. It was cold! 2. I mostly forgot 3. I was too busy tending to my broken face.  Okay so I didn’t “break” my face, but I did take a nasty spill and scrape part of it up.  It’s not as bad as it sounds (even though the guys referred to me as scar-face for the rest of the trip and a waiter at the bar tried to give me a bag of ice for it) it’s healing quite well.  And yes – this happened on the most gentle, least treacherous of all the slopes (well it was a step up from the bunny slopes).

I hope you all had happy holidays as I know I did!  I’m ready for everyting 2010 has to offer!