It’s a New Year – In case you haven’t noticed – Although I imagine you all have.  If you’re anything like me you’ve already written or typed 2009, 09 or some variation of that at least a million times already!

Lots of people have those crazy “resolutions” in a new year.  I think that’s all so silly.  I’m all for self-improvement and self-reflection, but I think coming up with a list of things only in January (just to forget all about by February) is crazy.  And knowing my attention-span, it’s an even worse idea!

So instead of resolutions, I feel the need to give thanks for some good things. 

I have been working with some amazing people who really have made me think about what I have to be grateful for.  This isn’t a religious post at all – this is just me doing a little self-reflection:

This “thankful list” isn’t at all all-inclusive…in fact it doesn’t scratch the surface:

I am thankful…

1. That I have a place to live (with running water, working heat, food in the cabinets, and electricity to keep it cold)

2. That I have people who love me (maybe a little cheesy – but I have wonderful family and friends)

3. That I am healthy (sure I could lose some weight, change some unhealthy habits, etc…but things are good)

4. That I have an education

5. That I have a job & a savings account (even though there’s not a lot in there)

6. That I can think abstractly

7. That I am able to make people laugh

8. That I am able to manage my life economically and mentally

9. That I’ve been supported throughout my life by lots of people, no matter what crazy things I attempt

10. That I realize these are things to be thankful for