I love anything old, vintage, pre-loved, etc…

I think I may have mentioned this….a few thousand times….

I obviously also love photography.  So isn’t it also only natural that I love vintage, old, pre-loved photos!  Well I do. 

I went to a few antique shops last weekend in Lebanon with my good friend Amy.  I found all sorts of interesting things!  A little Streator memorabilia (my hometown) which I will soon take pictures of and share with the rest of you!  But I also found a big box of old photos.  Some were in pretty bad shape like this one:

I’m starting to work on restoring the beauty!  I want to make sure those hotties get the coloring they deserve…plus I’d like to display the originals somehow and this just won’t do.  I’m not at all a photo restoration expert…it’s just something I find interesting so I’ve been working on it a bit.  I read a book from the library and now I’m jumping in with both feet.  I’ll try to chronicle my journey as a “mini-tutorial from an amateur”.  Wish me some happy photo-shopping!