I worked on my restoration project and I have 2 finished versions:


This one is ok for me…something about the water looks dirty

And good ‘ol B&W:

I’m a fan of the B&W…what do you guys think?

I was planning on showing you a tutorial…but I’d rather point out the things I really love about this photo!  The tutorial would be booooring (ok and I had to use so many steps I’m not sure how I got here exactly…I’ll retrace and let you know soon)

But I think this photo tell such a story.  I love old photographs that are candid (or partly so) because I find so few of them.  I love that there are people swimming in the pool (love their swim caps!),  I love the guy and gal on the left-hand side chatting flirting on the diving board.  I imagine her name to be Betty and his to be Rob (they are married now I bet). 

This is how it all went down…

It was a hot July day, perfect for swimming and relaxing by the pool and meeting men. Three girlfriends, Betty and the two ladies up front (Suzanne and Jane) put on their suits, grabbed a towel and headed to the pool.  Suzanne and Jane are supposed to be there as Betty’s wing-women (she’s been eyeing Rob for awhile now) but they were too busy looking cute and letting someone take their photo so Betty had to do it all alone.

And JoAnne…

well JoAnne, she had too much to drink – fell right out of her chair!

The End

I just love how old photos tell such a story, don’t you?