Disclaimer: This post is not related to my photos in any capacity

That being said…the walls in my house are sad.  Very sad.  This is even sadder considering I take & sell photos.  There’s just something though about looking at my photography on my walls …. I don’t know.  It’s a hang-up I guess.  The only thing hanging on my walls is a bass (oh yes – I’m talking about a once-living, now stuffed fish).  Don’t even ask!

Anyhow – this led me to think about what should I hang up…On a BUDGET!  Not a couple hundred dollar budget either!  I found some photos browsing Desire to Inspire blog that would break my bank but I think are awesome for lots of reasons! Inspiration!

By: Jac de Villiers

I love how there are framed pictures hung so closely together – and so many of them.  This is one of my favorite looks!  I also love the antique colors in this one.

By: Atlanta Bartlett

Love the old leather with the great floors! Oh those floors are calling my name!

By: Aaron Hom

Now this one! 

What can I say about this one…I love the slightly cluttered look.  Those of you who know me personally get that!  i like the bookshelves that contain lots more than just books.

Looking at these all together, apparently I have a thing for white walls – Who knew?

I’ll keep you posted once I figure out something to hang up – it might be awhile – I may be lost forever in Lowe’s