I’m excited to introduce a new section to this blog: Meet the Artist

I love all types of art and creative ventures and so respect others who do too.  I want to take some time every so often to showcase an Artist and do a little interview with them so we can all learn a bit about how they work and what inspires them.

Let me start by introducing RaspberryKidz.  Her work is completely charming and wonderful!  If you have kids or know someone who does…you should buy a piece  as a gift (she does custom work!).  They will love it forever – I promise!  I think what she does is pure genius.  I love every-single-piece!  You can read her blog here.  And don’t forget to check out her Etsy shop!


Give us an idea of your creative process.
First I enter the child’s artwork into the computer by taking a digital picture of it. I then outline it in Illustrator and add color in Photoshop. I copy and paste sections that I want to “pop” out, and then I print. I cut out those extra bits and reapply them to the original, using poster tape, to give the artwork a 3D quality.

Original Drawing

A RaspberryKidz original from the drawing above

Where did you get the idea for RaspberryKidz?
I started Raspberrykidz with simple pictures I created myself on the computer of kids in my son’s first playgroup. Once my son was old enough to draw, I loved what he was producing and, like many parents, I didn’t want to throw anything out. I saw beyond the scribbles and enhanced his pictures on the computer. I always had trouble with coming up with ideas, and he never did. So I just used his art as inspiration.

Where did you come up with that name anyways?
When I did the art for Ethan’s playgroup, I came up with Raspberrykidz. A raspberry, to me, has always been that fun thing you would do on your baby’s tummy with your lips that almost always guaranteed a giggle, or at least a smile. I’d love my art to have the same effect.

BallerinaPig – Original Drawing

BallerinaPig – RaspberryKidz

Since your work revolves around children’s art, what was your favorite art project as a kid?
Oh, I had so many! I remember creating a piñata with my best friend, illustrating stories I wrote, drawing “beauty pageant girls” with my sister, working on report covers with my dad’s help and designing posters when I ran for office in junior high. Everything was an art project.

If you could describe your art in one word what would it be?
whimsical (though I do think that word is overused)

Princess – Perfect for a kids room!


What’s your favorite part of creating art?
I finally figured out a process in which I love every part. From the outlining to the taping at the end. I enjoy it all.

What is your biggest frustration?
I can’t think of anything. Maybe just finding the time to create and promote. When I’m trying to market my work, I feel like I should/could be working on something. But if I spend all of my time creating, nobody would even know about it! Yeah, that can be frustrating.

What does your workspace look like?
I have a little loft area off my bedroom. I go up a 7-step ladder (which I fell down a few weeks ago….12 stitches later, I’m much more careful), and I’m in “my space.” I have my dad’s old drafting table, which I took as mine in college. The space is super cluttered, as I have so many projects going on. When I do get around to cleaning it up every now and then, I’m much happier.

 Girlpower – Original drawing

Girlpower – RaspberryKidz original art

Girlpower – Showing 3D accents

Besides creating, what do you spend your time doing?
I love working out in the mornings and reading in the evenings. I enjoy watching movies with my kids, and I love to bake (though that is creating too, isn’t it?)

Do you have any advice for other creative-souls out there?
Just do what you love. Don’t try to be like anyone else. Being inspired by someone else is one thing, but you want to show your own original perspective.

Audrey in Plaid – Original Drawing

Audrey in Plaid – RaspberryKidz Original with 3D accents

Anything else you’d like to share?
I’d love for people to check out my web site:
my blog:
my giveaway:
and my etsy shop:
you can also find me on facebook:


A big thank you to RaspberryKidz for answering all my questions and spending a little time on my blog!