When I was in my photography class in college we had to do a final project.  It could be a study of anything or anyone we wanted.  The idea for my final project started with this photo:

I shot this from the hip in the Chicago Art Museum and I loved the way the man was shilouetted against the fine art.  This was part of the inspiration behind my final project.  The second piece of my inspiration was a complete accident.  Somehow my camera accidently shot two photos on the same place on my roll of film (thus double exposing the image).  I decided I would do a double-exposed self-portrait silhouetted series. (say that 5 times fast!)

Some of the results:

One thing I really liked about this series is that I didn’t have much control over how the photos lined-up.  It was a good exercise for me and I really liked not knowing what exactly I was going to get.

Now with Photoshop you can faux-double expose.  I played around with that a little today.  Here were the results!

I used some of my photos from Vegas and The Flamingo with Brandi and Cody’s engagement pictures.  It seemed fitting since they are getting married there and they love the Flamingo!  Too bad I didn’t get any pictures with the Vegas lights…those would’ve been nice to have now!

The next one is my favorite

Double-exposing is still fun!  Now I have a little more control.  I think I prefer the film method.  Although it’s much more difficult.  But this still gives some pretty good results I think!