The Pioneer Woman – aka P Dub – is hosting another photography assignment.  Please don’t tell me you don’t know who she is – you don’t!  Check out her blog here…grab something to eat because you’re gonna get hooked and there’s a lot of reading to catch up on!

Anyways – she wants to see your sunrise/sunset photos.  Looking through mine I found two and I thought I’d share them here:

This first photo was taken in Rhode Island.  It as a fantastic day during the best summer I’ve ever had!  I was surrounded by lots of fun and the best people ever!  The sunset doesn’t have a lot of color, but I love the cloud formations and the little fishing boat you can see in the lower left corner. 

This photo I took a few years ago from my car on the interstate – well it was an exit ramp and no one was behind me – either way – it was poorer composition but a fiery shot none-the-less.   Post a link to your sunrise/sunsets…I’d love to see ’em too!