I feel like I start so many of my posts with “I was antique-shopping in Lebanon, IL and look what I found” that I could start a whole blog of just these posts.  But this find – this find was spectacular – it was exciting – it left me researching the internet for hours.

Let me keep you in suspense and tell you the whole story.  So I talked someone into going to Lebanon several weeks back.  We went into some stores that I hadn’t yet been too.  One store was in an old house and had a back garage that also was filled with stuff. I was poking around…not finding much.  Then on the back of an old, dusty set of shelves I saw a glass milk bottle.  I have a habit of looking for the Owen’s Illinois imprint and the Streator plant number whenever I’m out finding old stuff. 

Side Note: For my non-Streator readers.  Streator used to be a huge glass manufacturing town.  Everyone from my home town has a relative who worked for the Owens glass factory.  My father did, his father did…you get it.

Anyways…I notice the milk bottle says “Illinois Valley” on it.  I got excited  – that’s where I’m from afterall – and then I saw the whole thing:

Oh yes – It says Streator right on the bottle.  I immediatly purchased it and called my father as he is my local Streator historian.  He told me where the Illinois Valley Ice Cream Co. was located in Streator.  I was even more excited. 

This bottle was manufactured by Thatcher’s Glass (who also had a factory in Streator) and was probably manufactured between 1942 and 1944 from what I can find about the markings and because it has an ad for war bonds on the back.

I now have  a thing for glass bottles.  Because I need more stuff.  But wait until later this weekend when I show you what my man brought home for me…it probably tops this (maybe)