This is perhaps the quickest sneak peek in the history of sneak peeks (well mine at least).  It’s been hectic around these parts…and will continue to be so.  But I did want to share a few (I mean few!) pictures from April and Matt’s beautiful wedding last weekend. 

Let’s start with the church:

I know – that hardly qualifies as “just a church” – more like “one heck-of-a-church”.  Wait – is it ok to say that about a holy place.  Well I’ve always been a rule-breaker.

Onto some receptions details.  Mind you these are straight out of the camera. (Minus the putting them into a little grouping for your viewing pleasure) No time to edit much this week.  But these were too purdy not to share!

It was a beautiful wedding – and it was so nice to see everyone!  It was a Streator-Girl reunion.  More photos to come … soon-ish.