There are so many wonderful, talented, amazing artists on  If you have never been to this website – well then finish reading this post, and then head on over that way.  You’ll like it.  I hope.  And while you’re there…check out my site by clicking here.

But this wasn’t meant to be a self-promotion.  I wanted to promote some other fine folks who I have stumbled across.

AceroStudio has a variety of  interesting items…but my favorite is this one:

Set of 2 Vintage Camera Cups

Aren’t those old camera images perfect! This would be a great addition to my relaxing morning coffee and newspaper reading routine – wait! Who am I kidding?  I wake up 10 minutes later than I should have…rush to get ready which always results in a straightening iron burn or mascara on my cheek – then dash out of the house so quickly sometimes I have to double-check that I’m fully dressed. Pants, shirt, shoes – check!

But it would be nice for the coffee I inevitably drink each night when I get home and have to stay up to work on stuff.  Not into cameras – there are vintage typewriter mugs too! As well as lots of other great stuff.

Now on to something with no other functionality than it would beautify my home and remind me of my Streator Girls.

Sex and the City Print

Laura Trevey creates amazing watercolor images.  I love all of them…but wanted to show this one because of its title.  I sure miss those girls!

Stay tuned for more “stuff I want to have but can’t afford right now”.  It’s one of my favorite features!