PW (aka Pioneer Woman) is at it again with another photography assignment for her readers. This time the assignment is shallow depth of field.  I think I squealed when I read this one.  I love using a really small aperature on my camera to blur out the background and focus in on one tiny detail in a picture. 

 (For you non-camera obsessed readers, this may not make much sense!).  If you’re interested in more information about what the heck an aperature is, click this link, PW does a great, easy-to-understand, review.

Anways, I haven’t posted my submission to the Flikr group yet because, well I have no idea which image to choose.  It seems (from looking through my computer files) I almost always shoot with shallow depth-of-field. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite images here (maybe a few more than just a few). 

I’ll post one of these to the Flikr group sooner or later: