Happy Weekend! 

Thought I’d update everyone on the projects and things I’ve alluded to over the past few weeks.  Although I can’t finalize any of these posts…here’s my updates:

1. My bread baking adventures ended on a positive note:

Delicious…cheesy…garlick-y…YUM!  I’ll post a recipe and the play-by-play later on. 

*Note: Not that anyone should take my advice on how to actually bake bread as this was my first attempt…but it was pretty ok!

2. Black and White Decor

So I finished all the items…bought the frames…haven’t hung them up yet.  I’m working on it!

3. April and Matt’s Wedding

I will post more photos!  I swear I will!  But I thought I’d post just one more of the beautiful table with the beautiful big windows behind it to tide every over a bit.

4. Wall Art

Boy this post reminds me that I have several decorating projects which aren’t completed.  This one is getting closer though.  We are at the frame making n’ painting step. Then all we have left to do is put em’ up!  Finally!  No new photos – sorry.  Don’t want to give everything away!

Ok so maybe there is even more “unfinished business” on this blog.  I sometimes get excited about things and jump around a bit with my blogging.  I’ll do my best to use this as a reminder so that I can finish up all my posts.  Sorry to keep everyone on the edge of their seats for so long!  Ok…so maybe I’m the only one who even remembered!