I love to garden.  I love to watch things grow, and bloom. (I’m not usually interested in shrubs or trees or grasses – unless they flower).  What can I say – I’m my mother’s daughter.  I grew up watching her garden (because I used to think worms were yucky and therefore wouldn’t garden along with her).  But I did watch her tend to her plants, cross her fingers, and hope for the best.  Well there is probably more skill involved than just that alone! 

I did however help her pick out flowers.  She is not a visual person.  It’s hard for her to imagine things together and how the end result will look.  She has to see something in real life…I love to do the imagining and visonary part.  So we make a good team, and I loved shopping for those blooms! It was one of my favorite summer memories. Her garden is lovely – not too planned – we are both prefer the cottage garden style. 

I’ve recently been able to garden my own land.  It’s been wonderful!  I’m so excited to see what comes up this spring (especially because I added 100+ spring bulbs!)  Expect some pictures of this process.  I’m not the best gardner, but mostly I know my flower varieties and what conditions they prefer, and if I don’t I’m a good reader – so I check out their tags.  Most of my plants live (some even thrived!) I’m at approximately 85% success rate.  I’m ok with this!

Since the garden/lanscape worked well last year – I’m ready to try a few new things:   

1. Raising the vegtable bed we had last summer (in the hopes to help out with our TERRIBLE clay soil.

2. Adding a “cutting garden”.  I love flowers in the house as much as in the ground but I hate removing the blooms from my landscaping so the cutting garden is super exciting.

3. Planting a more tropical section with canna (LOVE THESE) and some other showy blooms.  We are planning to add some sort of water feature/fire pit type section – so stay tuned for those fun adventures!

4. Spreading wildflower seed in our “back 40”.  Those of you who know what I’m talking about know this is really only 3/4 acre…but we call it the back 40 nonetheless. We’re planning to make it a swaying in the breeze, colorful addition to the back yard. (Plus we don’t mow that anyhow)

5. I would love to attempt to grow some sort of water lily.  I hear they can be grown in small containers or even birdbaths!  I don’t know how true this is – or if I’m capable of this.  I’m going to the garden shop nearby that has an entire water-garden section.  I’m sure someone there can help me out with the need to do this!

At these points of winter (the cold, slushy, dreary, sun-less weeks) I’m so ready to starting thinking/dreaming/planning my spring-time garden to-do list.  This year has been no exception.  In fact I think this urge to plant started earlier this year than normal.  I guess I’m even more ready for summer this year!

Here’s a few of my favorite gardening scenes (Thank you internet!):


Hello – old wheelbarrow!  YES PLEASE!

The Garden Cottage BNB

 I’m loving the color and texture of this one!


I think I could live here.  But I would want to spend my days sitting in a swing on a porch with a great book and a antique quilt to cover up with for the cool nights.  Sigh – that sounds so appealing right now!