April and Matt’s wedding was beautiful…and I’m a slacker.  Ok I’m not really a slacker, I’ve had a lot of stuff going on lately!  I haven’t had the time to really sit down with all the pictures I took at April and Matt’s wedding. 

But the day has finally come!  I know April has been waiting for this too. She loves details like I do.  Don’t believe me! Check out the great details from her shower…this level of attention to detail must run in the family! 

I guess I should start with the wedding itself, which was perfect!  But most of my pictures look like the one above.  Mostly because I wasn’t an official photographer so I had to lean out into the aisle to get my shots.  Maggie did too – Good thing we brought our men to act as our “spotters”…safety first!

Here is a shot of some very sweet words from April and Matt to their parents in the program…so well written and heartfelt!

Then it was on to the reception.  The wedding was themed “One for the Books”  which I think is brilliant.  Mostly because April and Matt are book-lovers (much like I am) and April also loves antique/vintage details.  Which is what makes these centerpieces especially lovely.

Um, hello beautiful! Talk about great use of a theme.  Using vintage books and buttons! Adorable.  April also selected books that represented the guests seated at each table – so thoughtful!  Here’s some more detail shots of the book details throughout the reception.

Love the wear and tear on the edges! So much more character than a brand-spanking-new book!

These were the books on the head table.  Did you catch the titles?  Harmony, This is My Best.  How sweet are those titles for a wedding!

Here are some pictures from the sign-in table.  Again – great vintage touches throughout the reception.  Love the bottle!  The framed engagement picture was from Maggie Medema Photography.

The cocktail tables were also decorated with great details such as this great fabric

Unlike the photos I took at April’s shower – I actually backed up and took a few shots of the tables and reception as a whole.  The area for the reception was huge with millions upon millions of windows!  Maybe not millions afterall…but there were a lot anyways.

Now for a few more views of the head table.  These pretty paper flowers matched April’s hair clips (made by her talented mother!)

Now on to my favorite part of weddings…the cake!  Gosh I love wedding cake.  Especially when it’s on a cake stand like this.

And the cake was beautiful as well…

Congratulation April and Matt – I had so much fun at your wedding.  Another Streator girl takes the plunge! I wish you two all the best!