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Ok so I was going to post all about how we went to a birthday party on Saturday.  I’ve even loaded the photos on to my computer…but then I found a new blog to follow… How Sweet It Is… written by a fitness buff and food lover.  Something I totally relate to.  Ok…confession…just the food lover part.  Fitness buff just isn’t in my DNA.

Yesterday she posted a recipe for “Happy Chicken”  renamed from the original  “Funeral Chicken” which I renamed into Italian Chicken.  Boy this poor chicken probably has an identity crisis by now…

Anyways – I didn’t exactly follow her recipe but it was close and it turned out so well I thought I’d share my dinner recipe and save the birthday photos for later in the week.  That being said here’s a quick snap shot of my dinner:

Please Excuse the poor quality of this shot.  I didn’t edit it…it was dark outside = horrendous lighting…and I was hungry so I just did one quick shot.  And please no comments about my lack of veggies…I’ll do better tomorrow promise!

Here’s what I did:


6 boneless, skinless chicken tenders

3 egg whites

1 1/2 teaspoon dried parsley (fresh would be nice…but it wasn’t in my cabinets…go figure!)

1/2-1 cup breadcrumbs (also not fresh – but would be nice if you got ’em)

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon oregano

1/2 teaspoon dried onion flakes

1 teaspoon basil

1/2 teaspoon pepper

a few drizzles of olive oil

1 cup chicken stock

a glug or 2 of white wine (or not whatever your preference)

some provolone and parmesan (measurements unknown…or I don’t want to admit to just how much I used!)

*Note:  I don’t really measure my spices.  I’m just a eyeballing kind of gal so these are approximate.  Feel free to use more or less – whatever suits ya

Add thawed chicken to ziplock bag with egg whites and parsely.  Leave in fridge for an hour or so.  Clean your house, paint your nails, take a nap, whatever…

Preheat oven to 350.  Add breadcrumbs and remaining spices to a plate (mix it all together).  Heat a large skillet to medium heat and add enough olive oil to coat the bottom.  Once oil is heated through, dip chicken tenders into breadcrumb mixture to coat.  Add to pan and brown on each side (2-3 minutes a side).   Remove tenders and place in baking dish (9×9 inch is probably just fine).  Add chicken stock and white wine to the pan (no need to measure the wine…just add a few glugs).  Sprinkle cheeses over top of chicken.  Bake for 25 minutes. 

When it came out of the oven it didn’t look cheesy enough for this girl, so I added a few slivers of provolone and parmesan to the top.  At this point you could toss it back in the oven for 4-5 minutes until melted…or you can cover the pan and let the cheeses steam to a semi-melted state.  I just ate ’em that way and it tasted just fine.  In fact, so fine I polished the plate clean!

 Next time I think I’ll make some roasted garlic mashed potatoes to go with this…MMmm I can taste them now!  I guess I could make a veggie too (that would be the healthy thing to do).  This really was super quick and easy, and as a bonus it was fantastic!

Why hello Spring!  It’s so nice to make your acquaintance.  I’ve heard so many lovely things about you.  What’s that you say?  You’ve been out of town for the last few months?….You don’t say!

It feels like I haven’t ever seen spring before.  I know I feel this way every winter but this time I was really ready for spring.  It’s my favorite time of the year.  I love when things start greening up and the flowers start peeking up out of the ground.

Speaking of which…look I didn’t kill all my plants this winter

Don’t worry – there will be plenty of plant updates to follow (they are one of my favorite photographic subjects – probably because they don’t give me any ‘tude and they don’t complain about just 1 more shot…) 🙂

Happy Spring!

What’s been on your mind?

You know those word association games…example: I say banana and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind? Obvious answer: monkey.  Well let’s play that game today…

When I say Easter, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Well for me it’s these guys:

 MmmmHmmm…sugar coated marshmallows shaped like baby chicks…otherwise known as Peeps.  I love ’em…LOVE ’em!  I can’t help that they are so delicious especially when they are a little stale!  And don’t dare try and replace the baby chicks for the baby bunnies – they have to be shaped like the chicks.  I’ve loved Peeps since day 1, and to me the are solely associated with Easter.  I know you can get Peep ghosts and Peep pumpkins and Peep hearts for various other holidays.  But it’s not the same.

MMmmm Peeps!

I just can’t help myself!

Between Peeps and Cadbury Eggs … Easter doesn’t suit my waist-line!

Maggie and Zac…

I didn’t get a chance to post this photo earlier in the A+M wedding post, but it was too good not to share.  And isn’t that what friends are for?  Wait no, I’m not sure that makes complete sense.  Anywho…Maggie is a fellow Streator-girl, blogger, photographer, friend.  We met in kindergarten and hated each other. We got over it.  Now we’re pals…she’s the kind of girl to help you polish off a case bottle of wine and not tell on you later.  Her and her hubby Zac are too cute for words (Zac, pretend I didn’t just call you cute). 

This post has no purpose except to share this picture and promote Maggie’s blog, which you can should read by clicking here.

It was be-u-te-ful out today!  70 degrees…YES I said 70 degrees.  This is wonderful after a cold, stupid winter. (Sorry I hate winter…all of it…I don’t make excuses for this)  Oh Midwest weather – you never know what you’ll wake up to find on your doorstep!  But today I drove with my window down, my radio cranked up, and a smile on my face.  Sunshine can do wonders for a girl. 

What did this gorgeous, happy day make me think of?  Photo shoots!

Oh yes – this weather is perfect for photo shoots.  This brings me to my shameless self-promotion.  Book your photo shoots today! Otherwise you’ll put it off, forget you wanted it done, and then your babies will be grown up and going away to college.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to remember these times…this year…the start of a new decade…or something like that. 

Wouldn’t it suck if you didn’t have photos to remember this precious face:


Or this sweet, but quickly changing phase (They don’t stay small forever ya’ know):

What a way to remember the love and excitement of an engagement:

There are so many reasons to get your photos taken…engagements, babies, graduations, seniors, families, just because.  Photo shoots also make great gifts!  Imagine how excited Mom would be to get  a family portrait done?  Trust me … she’d love it.  Probably more than the macaroni necklace you made for her when you were 5 … probably.

I’d love to hear from you, meet you, and discuss what photos your interested in.  I’m willing to travel and I’m pretty flexible!  Odd requests are welcomed!

Email me at:

Check out more information on photo sessions by clicking here.

All I have to say is … whoa!

I went shopping today.  I went to a store I have never before been to.  It was so mind-numbing.  In a good way…I think.  I went to Garden Ridge, the home decor superstore and boy was that an experience.  It was like a Sam’s Club of decorating, cooking, house-related items. 

You want chairs…

you got it!

You want colorful paper plates with matching cups and napkins…

they’re yours!

Frames, mirrors, wall art, table clothes, drapes, planters, umbrellas, monkey sculptures…

No problem!

Suit of armor right next to a giant display of cowboy hats…

Check and check

I did find some great stuff there.  But it was an interesting experience overall.  Kind of like a treasure hunt.  Don’t worry I left the suit of armor there….it wouldn’t fit in my car.

Patience … I have it.  I know I do.  In fact I think I have more of it than I ever knew.  But I feel my patience waning.  I feel like a kid on Christmas…c’mon May!  Why aren’t you here?!  Why isn’t it Spring yet?!  I’m tired of gray, cold days! 

I know I have it in me to wait and act like an adult…I’m just so ready for graduation and moving on from the “student” title I’ve held for so long! Sigh! I thought I’d share another flower picture I took this winter… it will be for sale in my Etsy shop.  Check it out and have a look – see.  Then cross your fingers and wish for warmer weather, flowers in the garden, and my graduation to come quickly!