It was be-u-te-ful out today!  70 degrees…YES I said 70 degrees.  This is wonderful after a cold, stupid winter. (Sorry I hate winter…all of it…I don’t make excuses for this)  Oh Midwest weather – you never know what you’ll wake up to find on your doorstep!  But today I drove with my window down, my radio cranked up, and a smile on my face.  Sunshine can do wonders for a girl. 

What did this gorgeous, happy day make me think of?  Photo shoots!

Oh yes – this weather is perfect for photo shoots.  This brings me to my shameless self-promotion.  Book your photo shoots today! Otherwise you’ll put it off, forget you wanted it done, and then your babies will be grown up and going away to college.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to remember these times…this year…the start of a new decade…or something like that. 

Wouldn’t it suck if you didn’t have photos to remember this precious face:


Or this sweet, but quickly changing phase (They don’t stay small forever ya’ know):

What a way to remember the love and excitement of an engagement:

There are so many reasons to get your photos taken…engagements, babies, graduations, seniors, families, just because.  Photo shoots also make great gifts!  Imagine how excited Mom would be to get  a family portrait done?  Trust me … she’d love it.  Probably more than the macaroni necklace you made for her when you were 5 … probably.

I’d love to hear from you, meet you, and discuss what photos your interested in.  I’m willing to travel and I’m pretty flexible!  Odd requests are welcomed!

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