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Isn’t amazing how fast they grow and change.  I don’t have children and I’m sure someday I will have a better understanding of this.  I’m sure it happens even more quickly when they are your own…but for now watching my niece and nephew change before my eyes has me amazed.  Make it stop.  I don’t like how quickly they grow!

In the hospital:

A few weeks later:

She has already changed so much…her personality and her features. 

I know this is part of the process: growing, changing, learning….  But it doesn’t mean I have to like it!

 If someone learns how to slow it down, make it stop, hold on to the little-ness…let me know!

Oh how I love , I like to sell my prints there but mostly I love to shop.  I spend way to much money while I’m surfing and clicking and favorite-ing items on  I love the sellers there…so much talent and you can find anything your looking for!  Now I’ve talked about them before, I’ve promoted my shop ( 🙂  But there’s one thing that has never happened for my shop before:

The front page!

There she is, my barn print…top left! What an exciting way to start my morning…

P.S. I have added a few more prints to the shop and I have every intention of adding more spring related shots in the next 2 weeks or so.  Life has just been a whirl-wind lately!

This spring I decided to add a cutting garden to our yard. I had some extra room next to the vegetable garden so we raised the bed and I threw in a bunch of leftover bulbs last fall.  It’s a mess…a hot mess…but a hot mess filled with beautiful blooms!

I am the kind of person who always brings home flowers from the grocery store. Having cut flowers in my house just makes me happy. Some people get their nails done or get massages…I buy flowers. It’s my thing. Want to make me a happy girl, buy me some flowers! Come to think of it…my man has never bought me flowers! What’s with that!?!

Anyways, I’ve had tulips and hyacinths in the house for the past few weeks. And I’ve also had this magical light streaming in through my window every morning. This has made for some nice spring prints and one happy photographer!




And here is the triptych. I really am loving all the pretty colors, the reflection on the canning jar makeshift vase, and the way these work together.

Spring Triptych, originally uploaded by klmphotos.  

Look for these prints for sale in my Etsy shop,, in the next few days.

Oh how I love being an Aunt.  I get to spoil, play, spin, laugh, and tickle…I do however miss not being geographically closer to my family especially now that I have a nephew and a niece! 

Meet Miss M…

Yes she is absolutely perfect…perfect in every way.  She already has such a personality and is completely loved.  I am so excited to have a new addition to our family.  Not to mention the fact that holding a brand-new baby is the best feeling in the world.  They are so warm, cuddly, and tiny!

 I miss her already and she’s only 3 days old.  I can’t wait to see her and hold her again.  I’m also looking forward to watching her and her big brother grow together. 

Love her…

So sweet.

What a wonderful, happy, weekend!

old glass, originally uploaded by klmphotos.

Months ago, while it was still cold and dreary and miserable outside. My man surprised me one day when he got home from work. He told me he got me a present.
***Now, please note I have recieved exactly 1 present from him (ok maybe 2) but still…for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries no presents…no cards…no nothing. So I was pretty shocked. Then he said “I just have to find something to put it on so dirt doesn’t get everywhere”.

What on God’s green earth did this man bring me? I was nervous to say the least.

Then he brought this beautiful bottle through the door…the heaven’s opened…light poored in…and my heart started to do little flips in my chest. Old…antique…dug glass…from a job site! What a sweetheart! Although a girl likes shoes and jewels from time to time (cough…cough…I like things that sparkle, honey… cough…cough).
This glass has a story, there’s something more behind it I’m sure!

Over the next few days he started bringing me a few glass pieces at a time. Some I can tell were made fairly recently since they have threaded tops for screw-on lids. Others like this one…I’m not so sure about. Most of them are plain without any words or printing. One has this awesome grided texture.

I love them…they are certainly my kind of gift!

Another shot from my recent photo-shooting craze!  These were just some old dead plants and weeds…they look a lot nicer than that though I think.  I’m loving the color of the sky!

A few more things…

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This isn’t about “being green” although I love the earth, I like recycling and reusing (although not like some people).    No, not today, today’s post is about the color green.  It’s all around me during the Spring and I’m loving it; nature is beautiful isn’t it?

Check out the variations in each leaf…Oh Spring…I missed you!

I love this time of year; it makes me want to take pictures again.  I don’t find much beauty in snow.  I know I see beautiful photos other people take during the winter months, but there isn’t much that makes me want to get my camera out.  Now Spring…that’s a different story.  I love Springtime.  I’ve had my camera out for the past 4-5 days straight.  I’ve taken hundreds of photos.  I wanted to share one tonight.

I love the contrast between the old grass from last season and the color of the sky.  I also love this time of year because there are still remnents of the past season (the old grasses, abandoned bird’s nests, and broken branches) with the new green shoots pushing through.  Isn’t the texture of this grass fun…I didn’t even notice all the details in person, so much clearer through my lens.

I’ll share the rest of my photo-shooting fun throughout the next few weeks.

I meant to write about this after it happened in a timely fashion.  But doing things in a timely manner isn’t always exactly on my radar.  Oops!

Anyhow…. a weekend or so ago we celebrated a 1st Birthday for our friends son, lil’ G.  lil’G is an awesome little dude, and will certainly grow up to be a pretty cool boy.  That is if we can keep my man away from him!  Just kidding, my man is pretty good with kids!

Isn’t he adorable?… I love those cheeks! Anyhow, he seemed to be pretty ok with the presents and all the guests, he dutifully ripped into his presents…with some help.

….but the cake.  That got he really enjoyed  (smart boy!)

There were also some pretty studly other guests in attendence…

It was so much fun to be around so many kids…but let me tell you…I was exhausted, wiped out, pooped!  I was so thankful to have a quiet place to lie down and nap later that afternoon!

I did it…I finally grew up and made my first holiday meal.  My parents made the trip down to visit this weekend as did my man’s parents.  We decided to bring the families together.  After all, isn’t that what holidays are all about?  After everyone was invited, I started to panic…what would I make…where would they sit…I don’t even own 6 chairs suitable for a dining room…how was my house going to get cleaned!?!

Well the house got cleaned (thank goodness I had Friday off and my parents got a late start), I begged asked them nicely to bring me some extra chairs from their house, I shoved the couch over so their was room around the table, then I got on the internet to find some dishes suitable for a holiday meal.  What would I do without the internet!?

Here’s what I served:

Ham (duh!  Isn’t that what everyone eats on Easter? Well maybe not but I sure did, I just followed the recipe to reheat since it was a spiral sliced deal)

Roasted Garlic and Gorgonzola Smashed Potatoes (Delicious!  Heavenly! Creamy! Perfection!)

Gorgonzola Popovers (I don’t think I baked these long enough, the outside was great but the inside was a little doughy…next time I’ll leave them in a bit longer but I didn’t want the rest of dinner to get cold.  Also I may add a pinch more salt next time)

Whiskey Glazed Carrots (These were FANTASTIC…a veggie that I really loved! I did change up the recipe a bit, I used less brown sugar (by ~1/4 cup), less whiskey (I only had about 1/3 cup in the bottle *hiccup* not sure where the rest went *hiccup*) and I used less butter (~1/3 stick less) since I don’t have 4 children to chase after like the Pioneer Woman does I gotta cut back on the butter.  But they were amazing and I will be making these again and again and again!)

Salad (I mixed up a bag of spinach and romaine lettuce then added red onion, green peppers, tomatoes, croutons, and freshly grated parmesan cheese…served with a little caesar vinaigrette mixed with sweet Italian dressing…yum!)

Lunch was great…I don’t have a lot of left overs which I take as a good sign that everyone else liked their meals too.  It’s been a nice weekend; good weather, trees are blooming, and family was together!  It was a nice Easter, I hope yours was too.