I meant to write about this after it happened in a timely fashion.  But doing things in a timely manner isn’t always exactly on my radar.  Oops!

Anyhow…. a weekend or so ago we celebrated a 1st Birthday for our friends son, lil’ G.  lil’G is an awesome little dude, and will certainly grow up to be a pretty cool boy.  That is if we can keep my man away from him!  Just kidding, my man is pretty good with kids!

Isn’t he adorable?… I love those cheeks! Anyhow, he seemed to be pretty ok with the presents and all the guests, he dutifully ripped into his presents…with some help.

….but the cake.  That got he really enjoyed  (smart boy!)

There were also some pretty studly other guests in attendence…

It was so much fun to be around so many kids…but let me tell you…I was exhausted, wiped out, pooped!  I was so thankful to have a quiet place to lie down and nap later that afternoon!