I love this time of year; it makes me want to take pictures again.  I don’t find much beauty in snow.  I know I see beautiful photos other people take during the winter months, but there isn’t much that makes me want to get my camera out.  Now Spring…that’s a different story.  I love Springtime.  I’ve had my camera out for the past 4-5 days straight.  I’ve taken hundreds of photos.  I wanted to share one tonight.

I love the contrast between the old grass from last season and the color of the sky.  I also love this time of year because there are still remnents of the past season (the old grasses, abandoned bird’s nests, and broken branches) with the new green shoots pushing through.  Isn’t the texture of this grass fun…I didn’t even notice all the details in person, so much clearer through my lens.

I’ll share the rest of my photo-shooting fun throughout the next few weeks.