old glass, originally uploaded by klmphotos.

Months ago, while it was still cold and dreary and miserable outside. My man surprised me one day when he got home from work. He told me he got me a present.
***Now, please note I have recieved exactly 1 present from him (ok maybe 2) but still…for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries no presents…no cards…no nothing. So I was pretty shocked. Then he said “I just have to find something to put it on so dirt doesn’t get everywhere”.

What on God’s green earth did this man bring me? I was nervous to say the least.

Then he brought this beautiful bottle through the door…the heaven’s opened…light poored in…and my heart started to do little flips in my chest. Old…antique…dug glass…from a job site! What a sweetheart! Although a girl likes shoes and jewels from time to time (cough…cough…I like things that sparkle, honey… cough…cough).
This glass has a story, there’s something more behind it I’m sure!

Over the next few days he started bringing me a few glass pieces at a time. Some I can tell were made fairly recently since they have threaded tops for screw-on lids. Others like this one…I’m not so sure about. Most of them are plain without any words or printing. One has this awesome grided texture.

I love them…they are certainly my kind of gift!