This spring I decided to add a cutting garden to our yard. I had some extra room next to the vegetable garden so we raised the bed and I threw in a bunch of leftover bulbs last fall.  It’s a mess…a hot mess…but a hot mess filled with beautiful blooms!

I am the kind of person who always brings home flowers from the grocery store. Having cut flowers in my house just makes me happy. Some people get their nails done or get massages…I buy flowers. It’s my thing. Want to make me a happy girl, buy me some flowers! Come to think of it…my man has never bought me flowers! What’s with that!?!

Anyways, I’ve had tulips and hyacinths in the house for the past few weeks. And I’ve also had this magical light streaming in through my window every morning. This has made for some nice spring prints and one happy photographer!




And here is the triptych. I really am loving all the pretty colors, the reflection on the canning jar makeshift vase, and the way these work together.

Spring Triptych, originally uploaded by klmphotos.  

Look for these prints for sale in my Etsy shop,, in the next few days.