People seem to always be drawn to pretty community parks, nicely landscaped areas, and downtown streets lined with new street lights, fresh pavement, and newly constructed buildings.  Others prefer historic areas.  Nicely refurbished, well-lighted, reequipped with modern necessities slightly disguised by reproduction, made-to-look-antique fixtures and furnishings. 

That’s not my cup of tea!

Although the second option still ranks higher than the first.  I love this:

I can’t help it.  If it’s dusty, dirty, rusted, corroded, broken, caving in, dilapidated, peeling, cracking, or otherwise looks like it might collapse under my weight.  I want to be right there!  Mostly with my camera.  There is just something about these old/broken things that captures my attention and creative energy.  I grew up in a town that was lovely in this way.  It’s a hard-working community and it shows.  Our town isn’t generally filled with beautiful new office buildings or people working in suits.  It’s a community of people who work hard…and I do mean hard…and it really does show on the outside.  Maybe my unwavering attraction for the run-down, hard-worked, crusty landscapes reflects this history of my upbringing.  Maybe I’m just a little off-kilter.  I don’t know.  But I just can’t help myself…

I did just get my tetanus booster, which I take as a sign.  It’s time to hunt for new/old stuff.  If you ever see me leaping from my car, camera in hand, jogging up to an old run-down building/barn/vehicle you’ll know what I’m up to…and please, don’t call the cops.