Last fall as the weather was getting colder I was getting spring fever…yes I get spring fever before winter even really starts.  I’m a warm weather person, what can I say!  Anyhow, I ordered lots of spring flowering bulbs from an online seller.  The next week I got a huge box of bulbs.  I ordered tulips, daffodils, dutch iris, hyacinth, and crocus.  It was hard to decide what I wanted to plant (mostly because I wanted everything) and I debated long and hard about buying alliums.  I’ve never grown them but decided not to order them in the end.

Imagine my surprise when this popped up:

Well hello there allium…I surely didn’t plant you….but I’m liking your photogenic qualities.

This is the kind of surprise that I like!

I cut my surprise flowers…brought them in the house…and everyone keeps complimenting me.  I guess the online website knew better than I did!