Lately I’ve been reading and discovering lots of new blogs (well they are new to me; certainly not new to all the other people who are much better at staying connected than I am)

These new art/design/photo blogs have really inspired me to push my photography in new ways.  Playing more with post-processing, getting bolder, and learning a ton!  I wanted to share with you these phenomenally talented people today.

In no particular order:

Bloom, Grow, Love

Alicia has beautiful photos.  Dreamy, creamy, light and airy (sounds like angel food cake huh?)  But honestly, the light in her work is always golden and warm.  Her shots always make me think of summer….even when the subject is cold or snowy.  Her blog and portfolio are not to be missed!

Tonya Doughty Photography + Design

She is brilliant…yup…no better way to say that….brilliant.  Her photos are real…and beautiful.  She has a very unique point of view and her design work is great!  I recently purchased a print of one of her graphic designs and I love it!

Click to see the print I purchased

I can’t wait to find a place to hang this print proudly since it really sums up my life philosophy!  She also creates beautiful monthly layouts using photos from that month of her family and life events … I’m inspired to do the same. Although not sure that I will ever actually accomplish this feat. She also has been creating a collection of things she wants to tell her daughters, beautifully designed over photos.  You need to check these out.

Gallery 32

I keep getting drawn towards these photographers who have lovely light, lofty photos.  This photographer is no different.  Gallery 32 has images that are dream-like!  I love that there is a vintage quality to all of these prints…BEA-U-TIFUL!

All of these amazingly talented people inspired me to go back to the drawing board and look at photos that I’ve overlooked during my first pass of editing.  I started to re-edit some of my initially rejected photographs.  This exercise of looking back through my photo files have yielded some images that surprised me and got me inspired to keep editing and looking through my archives.  Here’s a few images that are a little outside my typical editing process, but that I’m loving all the same:

First up…a barn! Well there’s no surprise in the subject matter…but I did over-edit this one on purpose.  I’m liking the bold color combinations.  It reminds me of Andy Warhol.

I did a second version of this photo which is toned down just a bit 🙂 …

All the dreamy photographers out there also inspired me to try a few less-bold photo processing techniques.  It’s a type of photography that I love to look at, but haven’t done much of myself.  However – I’m liking these photos:

Now if you’ll please excuse me while I hid myself away in my studio (*cough spare-bedroom-full-of-stuff-I-have-nowhere-else-to-put cough*) I’m going to edit my little heart away.