I’ve been writing a lot about inspiration here lately.  More to come on my views of “inspiration” later, but today I wanted to share a bit more about my usual.

All artists have preferred mediums and subject matter.  Degas painted lots of ballerinas, Warhol printed his opinions of mass-produced society, and Picasso often featured…well not always sure what he was featuring.  But this usually holds true for us amateurs as well.  If you have kids, chances are they are one of your prime subjects of interest.  Or perhaps your husband is willing to sit still long enough for you to consistently photograph him. I am no different; well I guess different in some ways (no kids or husband to take portraits of).  I love taking pictures of people, but when I don’t have people willing to sit still for me…I tend to gravitate towards several subjects.

Let me give you a little tour of my favorite subjects:

1. Rusty, Dirty or Broken Stuff…I posted about this subject recently and yes I realize this isn’t very specific but I can’t help but love old stuff.


2. Things that grow also are a favorite of mine (mostly flowers but I’ll photograph grasses, trees, and even moss).  I love to garden and have always loved to take photos of flowers.  Flowers were my first subject of choice … I was always out in my mom’s garden taking pictures of her blooms; back when digital cameras were not the norm.  Nothing has changed, I still photograph her garden every time I’m home!  And now that I have my own garden I have even more things to photograph! (Check back next week for an update on my allium post)

Although I could post any 1 of the 1.9 million photos of flowers/tree/shrubs I’ve taken over the years.  Here’s a little duo that I’ve been meaning to post for awhile now:


3. And last but not certainly not least…one of my most favorite subjects of all time…country stuff.  Yup, I know it’s real specific, but I just love everything that has to do with farms and the country.  I love barns, sheds, weeds, tractors, crops, cows, you get the idea.  I think this goes back to my childhood.  Growing up in a farming community surrounded by fields helped shape my love of all things country-life.  So if you live on a farm…feel free to invite me and my camera over.  Trust me I know some basic farm rules (even though I didn’t live on one). I know to keep the gate shut, not to trample crops, grab electric fences or piss off bulls.  I’m a fun guest too –  I swear 🙂

I couldn’t decide which version of this image I liked better…so I’ll share them both!

I think knowing about my preferences as an artist are important.  It helps me to identify places I need to grow, things I need to work on, and what makes me happy to keep clicking away!