I wanted to share a few more links to websites that make me smile.  Websites that I always click on.  Isn’t this post deep and inspirational (“rolls eyes)…

what if I add a few photos I forgot to post from a winter TtV session?  Does that make everything better?  Oh good – cause that’s what I was going to do!

I’ve been out-of-town, working hard, stressing out lately.  All for good reasons that I will share with you later.  So this post is what I have left to offer, but these websites really do offer some great stuff and if you already know about them all…whoops!

First up: I heart faces

 This website is awesome for photographers of every level.  They host weekly “challenges”, experts show how they edit photos on “Fix it Fridays”.  Plus the photos are beautiful. It’s a great learning tool (I have picked  up tons of Photoshop tricks and tips) and it’s a place you could easily get lost for hours!

Next: Craft Gawker

I shared my love for this site earlier this year when they accepted my first photo:

It is awesome for reasons beyond that they accepted my work.  (I still love them for this though!)  They’ve recently changed their submission requirements.  They don’t allow users to just post items for sale on Etsy there any longer.  For awhile this website was just a promotional tool for people’s Etsy sites, it got kind of boring and old.  I always saw awesome stuff, but since I couldn’t afford their Etsy site prices it was like very painful window shopping.  Now it’s more of an inspirational, how-to, DIY-ing type website.  I love looking at what other people create and learning how they do this is even better.  Craft Gawker also leads me to this great new-to-me blogs; like this one: Mrs. Priss.  Great blog, great DIY tutorials!

Now on to my long-lost winter TtV photos to beef up this post a little:



This TtV set makes me happy – and I remember I hate winter!  But I like the slight blur and the way the old glass caused some of the branches to overexpose and others to be just right.  I’m liking the duo and think I’ll print them and frame them for my new decorating projects (since I need more projects…rolls eyes again)  I think they’ll help remind me how much I don’t miss winter.