A few days ago I posted a link to this website:

I heart faces does a weekly photo challenge & this week is all about bare feet and shoes.  This theme mirrors their efforts to raise awareness and support for a charitable organization…

Soles4Souls is an organization which collects shoes and redistributes them to people in need.  They are currently giving away 1 pair of shoes every 9 seconds! It’s a pretty incredible organization!

My shoe related photo probably doesn’t depict the type of shoe that Soles4Souls prefer to give-away.  But this photo shows a technique that I have described here before and showcases part of my great shoe collection!  This photo was part of a double-exposure series I completed for my college photo course final.  It was a very fun, spontaneous type project and it was one I would like to further explore!  I decided to utilize my silhouette double exposed with things that represented my life, my “likes” and hobbies.  My growing shoe collection was certainly part of my small dorm life.  I think I had more shoes than anything else in my closet!  But they made for a good subject here.

Behind the process:  I want to attempt to walk you through my photo process for those that may be curious…if not, thanks for checking out my shoes and my first IheartFaces entry. My process started with me shooting an entire roll of film of things that depicted my life (in this case the shoes – sitting on a wooden cube I stole temporarily borrowed from the community lounge next door to my college dorm room). 

Then I rewound the film (because I was using a real film camera at this time) almost all the way to the end.  I didn’t completely rewind it otherwise you don’t have a tab hanging out to reload the camera. (Does that make sense?  Anyone even remember how to load film cameras anymore?)  Anyways, after re-loading, I shot a series of my silhouettes on the same roll of film.

In order to get a silhouette in my tiny dorm room I had an interesting little set-up.  I had to backlight myself to get the dark outline.  I was lucky at this time to have a bathroom attached to my room (I know…spoilled right?)  So I set my camera on a tripod in the shower (it was furthest from the door).  Then I turned off the bathroom lights so it was completely dark (there were no windows).  I used my desk lamp and the lights in my room turned all the way up to light the little hall just outside the bathroom brightly.  Then I did a crazy run to the camera….click….run to the doorway….pose….wait for the timer…run back routine until I shot the whole roll.  Then I developed the photos and prayed I got enough good shots for my final project.  Also…I repeated this in about 30 more rolls of film.

I did get the shots…and I got an A….as a bonus, I still love this series!