I spent yet another weekend traveling.  It seems as though I travel A LOT.  But this weekend was different.

I planned to post pictures of my travels (the city skylines, my sweet niece and nephew, country scenes and old barns) instead I’m borrowing these photos from a friend’s dad to show what happened during my travels.

While I was home visiting my parents a tornado swept through my home town.  My family and their houses are fine, but there was damage to the community.  Lots of thoughts and prayers going out to those who were affected by this.  The photos really don’t begin to describe the scene, the damage, and the rebuilding that will be done.  But one thing I can say is that this community will rally, rebuild, and lend a hand.  This community is filled with good people who help their neighbors and complete strangers.  I am confident of that.  Lots of prayers, lots of thoughts will be heading their way. 

I do have other happier photos to share later on, but I just couldn’t start with those while this was on my mind.