Before I continue on to my photo-journey of my crazy trip this past weekend.  I wanted to tell you what happened to me last night.  Let me back up a bit first…

I’ve mentioned before that I love to photograph old, crumbly, aging stuff, but this sort of photography comes with 1 teeny-tiny problem…trespassing.

I don’t try to break laws, I don’t like to trespass, but in order to capture some of those images…on occasion I gotta bend the rules.  I never disturb the area, I don’t break things, leave trash, or tear up lawns.  I’m respectable, I’m quick, I try not to bother anyone.  So I don’t see why anyone would really care…but that’s not how it normally works out for me.

Last night my man and I were walking around our front yard looking for the tree seedlings that have started popping up.  We were trying to mark a few that we want to keep (gotta mark them so we don’t mow them over later).  Anyway, I looked up and saw the most beautiful sunset.  The sky was on fire. Bright pinks and oranges, striped with dark blue clouds.  It was begging me to take it’s picture! Only problem…the houses across the street were blocking my view! So I convinced my man to abandon the tree seedling search and drive me a mile down the road to get an unobstructed view.  There just happens to be a spot I knew of (with beautiful old grain bins) that I had been eyeing for an upcoming photo shoot.  There isn’t a house on the property so I figured we coul pull in, I could get the shot and we could leave without anyone caring at all. 

WRONG. Think again!

We hurried along…but crazy mother nature set the sun too fast for our truck and my lens.  This is all I caught….


I was a little bummed, but since we were there I shot 3-5 pictures out the truck window of the old buildings.  I didn’t even get out of the truck and were weren’t even there for 5 minutes.  Just as we were turning around.  A cranky property owner comes hustling to the truck demanding to know what we were doing.  We politely explained my need to take a picture of the beautiful sky.  He wasn’t pleased.  He hurummphed as we drove off.  This always happens to me.  At least this guy didn’t come out with a shotgun like the last time…Phew!

Well…at least I got a few ok pictures: