Each Friday I Heart Faces hosts a Fix it Friday.  I decided to jump in this week.

This week’s photo is so summer-y, and oh so adorable!  It was taken by I Heart Faces c0-founder Amy.  And this photo really captured my attention.  Hello cutie! I’m loving the peeling teal chair (where can I get one of those!)…the matching teal hair accessories, that sweet little grin…and the wind slightly blowing back her hair.  ADORABLE!

Here is the image SOC:

And here it is after my edits:

I really thought this photo needed a little vintage touch and a bit of cropping to draw attention to her sweet little face.  I wanted this to be a bit heavy on the edited side because I thought this photo could handle the treatment & wanted it to be a bold, fun photo!  Here is a quick run-down of what I did with this image (all edited in Photoshop – CS2).  Feel free to tune out and close the browser now if you don’t care at all about photo-editting. Just come back later 🙂

First I opened the image in CS2, then I adjusted levels (to lighten it up & darken the blacks), bumped the contrast a bit, then used the curves to brighten it overall.


I made a duplicate layer and touched up the dark spots under her eyes then reduced back the opacity a bit (~75%) because if you don’t the cosmetic fixes start to look a little doll-like & we don’t want that!


Then I duplicated the layer and changed the layer type to “Color Dodge” and reduced opacity to 25%


I desaturated the color (-58) & bumped the contrast some more (+18).  Then I felt it needed a little more sunny warmth so I added a photo filter (warming filter (81)) at about 35%.

Finally I cropped the photo in a little closer to put more emphasis on her face.

I probably could have accomplished this by running a few actions, but I like to try to edit things without the use of actions from time to time.  It helps me to learn more about how Photoshop works!

Hope that made sense!

Here they are side-by-side one more time: