From time to time I get emails & comments from you all.  And I love it!  But the other day I got a gentle reminder that I hadn’t yet posted one special session*…it was unusual that these two were able to type out a message to me through facebook…it’s a skill I wasn’t expecting!

Dear Kate….we noticed there were not any adorable kitty pictures on your websites. we know how cute we are but we sometimes like photo evidence.
♥ Dexter and Maggie

You see – I forgot to post Dexter & Maggie’s portraits.  Shame on me.

Isn’t Maggie just the cutest.  I thought about stealing her**.  She was very interested in my bag.  She kept climbing in and playing with everything.  So it would have been very easy for me just to scoop her up, plop her inside, & take her home.  But I think she would have been missed by this fellow…

Isn’t Dexter a handsome dude.  He was trying to act aloof, but he’s a lover under all that tough guy facade. 

Yup – he almost came home with me too.


*Note:  This “special session”…was just me snapping a few quick shots of my friends Phil & Lauren’s sweet pets.  But the facebook message was all real.

**Note #2: I was serious about almost stealing them