I shared a sneak peek of Brandi & Cody’s Vegas wedding a few weeks ago…well, I’ve finished up most of the photos and am ready to share some of my favorites! Maggie and I were lucky to photograph an amazing wedding…plus get  a little Vegas vacation in too. Check out Maggie’s blog to see her photos from Brandi & Cody’s wedding too.  I’ll be posting some of the detail shots in a few more days.  Aren’t long weekends the best?!?…I’ve been able to get so much editing done…

Now to start the photos…Brandi looked amazing…seriously amazing!

Now to me, this is the perfect depiction of Brandi…always laughing.  One of the things I love most about her!

Cody and the guys got ready in a room down the hall…

There was a slight malfunction with the belts…they were a little on the huge side.  Nothing that couldn’t be solved with a little elbow grease and a corkscrew.

This is my favorite of the guys…hehe…what a fun touch! Accessorizing isn’t just for girls you know!

Just ’cause they wear pink socks doesn’t mean they aren’t really tough.

The girls…looking as lovely as always!

I love this picture of Brandi and her Dad right before walking down the aisle!  This also happened to be right before the wedding got briefly interrupted by a crazy woman in a hover-round. Yup right before Brandi walked down the aisle.  Oh what a story that was!  I think you had to be there to understand just how strange it was (don’t worry…said hover-round lady wasn’t a guest or in any way affiliated with the wedding)  But she will forever be a part of the wedding story now!  Thank you Vegas.  You never know who you’ll meet!

First Kiss..

We spent a little time before dinner getting some portraits of the couple

Then we coerced the wedding party to stand out in the Vegas heat a little while longer to get a few more pictures. 

The night ended with some great…and funny toasts…well that’s not how the night ended…but that’s when I put the cameras aways and started dancing!


It was a wonderful, beautiful wedding! Congratulations to Brandi & Cody!  They are just made for each other.  And they have great taste in wedding venues…classy Vegas weddings are the way to go!  All the guests seemed to have a great time (I know the photographers did 🙂 & it was beautiful too!

Thanks for letting me capture the day for you two.  Keep your eyes out for the wedding details coming soon!