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I’ve been feeling stuck lately. 

Creatively stuck but not in the way I typically feel stuck.  Usually when I’m up against a creative wall it’s due to a lack of energy because there is too much else going on in life.  I start feeling overscheduled, overwhelmed and drained which eventually reflects on my artistic/creative side.  I hope that anyone who has ever done anything creatively can understand this.  There are just times where creativity wanes. For me, once I get my feet under me again…I get a second wind, a creative spurt.  I feel like my creativity does this roller coaster cycling thing. 

I don’t like this. Not one bit. I’d much rather have my all-consuming creative-spirit faithfully by my side at all times.  Although I would probably never get any “real work” done if this were the case.

However, this time my “stuck” feeling is different.  It’s more global than just feeling tired, exhausted, uninspired. No…that’s not it at all. As I near the 1 year anniversary of this blog, I’ve been preparing a “Year In Review” post.  I wanted to look back and reflect on the last year both personally and creatively. 

Personally I feel very fulfilled. This has been a big year.

Creatively I feel a little let-down.  Yes I’ve had some successes & have been able to take some nice pictures & capture some great moments in other people’s and my own life.  But from a photography stand point, I like to be able to balance portrait work & my more artistic photos.  I’ve lost the balance this year.  It has tipped completely to focusing on portraiture.  Which has helped me to grow in significant ways, and as I said before this has allowed me the honor of capturing some very important life events. I feel I’ve been successful on the portraiture side.  And I LOVE taking pictures of people.  


I feel I’ve let down my artistic side.  I feel like it’s screaming inside of me to do something more.  To take bigger risks.  To get back to the “alternative processes” that first grabbed my attention in the world of photography.

I’m working on un-sticking myself. Rediscovering my love of the unusual.  The non-traditional. The uniquely-me side that was my first photography love.  I want to make my photography better balanced.  The portraiture work for me is like a trusty pair of faded blue jeans.  Comfortable. A go-to item. Something you could enjoy everyday.  The artistic work is like a slinky black dress. Exciting & fresh. Slightly unexpected. And as a girl who has never listened to the word no…ever…I want it all.

For this reason…I’m getting out my trusty 35mm film SLR again & it’s back to the creative drawing board.

Some weekends are just made to be remembered forever.  You know those moments in life that you can just feel if you close  your eyes.  For me they feel like warm summer breezes, cool dewey grass on your bare feet, the front porch and a good book…I had one of those weekends filled with moments just like that…and as I close my eyes I can taste & feel the lovely-ness that was my weekend in Nashville.

Oh Nashville…you will forever be added to my list of favorite places. It will fall somewhere behind Rhode Island (because it would take a lot to top RI), and on par with the beach…yup it was that good!

For those of you who may not be aware, let me give you a little background on why this trip felt so special.  I moved from Illinois to Alabama earlier this year.  It was a semi-temporary move meaning I could stay if I wanted, or I could come back but I was contracted to be in the deep south for at least 1 year.  Now leaving Illinois for a year meant several things….I was leaving the beautiful Midwest country landscape, I was leaving my good friends, my family, and my boyfriend.  Yes…he stayed behind in Illinois.  And yes…it SUCKS!

I spend many, many Saturday mornings & Sunday evenings at the airport.  And each Sunday as I board my plane a little black cloud hangs over my head as I watch my home, friends, family, and boyfriend get smaller and smaller as I’m whisked away back to Alabama. This is sad, very sad.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Moving to Alabama as a whole was a good experience, I’m glad I’m doing it, I would recommend moving away & living in a new place for awhile to everyone…I just wish Joel was here too.  But for various reasons…that just wouldn’t work out.

So … back to Nashville.  Nashville is an in-between spot for us.  So instead of flying another weekend, we decided to meet in the middle and have a vacation weekend in Nashville.

Work on Friday could not have seemed any longer.  I was so anxious to jump in my car and get on my way.  Turns out a large accident which shut down the interstate delayed my arrival by ~2.5 hours.  But once I arrived the vacation started.

Saturday morning we headed out to a little winery just South of Nashville. 

I loved it!

We lounged half the day away, in the middle of nowhere, drinking wine, staring at the grapevines, and just talking.

Then we went downtown Nashville to eat dinner, which was the best meal of my life.  The food was fantastic, the atmosphere was great, and even the company was pretty good. 

After prying ourselves out of our booth after dinner (we ate so much it hurt to move)… we made our way downtown.  We popped in to some very fun stores…

After strolling along the strip, stopping to listen to musicians playing in the street we stopped at a bar to have a few drinks & a little dancing.  Ok so I danced…Joel just laughed at me.  We had fun but were still in bed by 11 because we act like old people.  It’s ok though becuase it was one of those happy days…when you just can’t stop smiling. 

When the weekend wound down on Sunday I had to say goodbye…which gets harder everytime.  But just closing my eyes and thinking about Nashville makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It was just that kind of weekend.

*My appologies for gushing about my fantastic weekend, I’ll be back to my slightly sarcastic self soon….but when something this good comes up … it’s hard not to share!

Talk about a LONG OVERDUE session! Phew… Travis & Stephanie have been so kind and patient waiting on these photos.  I usually try to stick with a time frame for photos to be finished…but I was WAY off course on this estimate.  Sorry you two!

Enough with the excuses & appologies…let’s get on with the photos!

This session had all my favorite things…a couple that is cute, loving & can work a camera…fields of corn…& old buildings.

Get ready…this next one is favorite #1.  Maybe because this old tandem bike we Travis pulled out of the barn might be my favorite prop of all time.

Moving on to a new location….beautiful old brick buildings covered in vines….and apparently mosquitos (Stephanie & Travis were covered in bug bites after this…sorry you guys!) They looked good though…

And I saved Favorite #2 for last…

Thanks for putting up with my computer drama…the bug bites…& my strange requests to use old stuff out of the barn.  You two are the best!  I can not wait for your wedding…Congratulations again!

Oh this is one of the sweetest faces I ever did see. 

I miss you Miss M!

Happy 3rd (+2 months) Birthday to my favorite little man in the whole world.  I remember when your Mom & Dad called me to tell me you were on the way.  I was so excited! I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting 9 months.  Then the call came that you were here!  I visited you in the hospital.  You were perfect.  You’ve grown into quite the character.  Always making people laugh.  You’re such a sweet boy…please stay that way forever.


Aunt Kate

P.S. Sorry these are 2 months late…I guess this is Happy 3rd & 1/6th Birthday!

Being in Alabama this Fall really gave me a whole new appreciation for the Midwest. I always knew the landscape was flat…but didn’t realize just how flat it really was.  I knew the trees changing each Fall were beautiful…but I never appreciated  just how beautiful they were.  A few weekends ago while I was home visiting I took a few photos in the backyard…



I’m sure missing home right now!

This sneak peek has been a long time coming.  I was so excited to get home after shooting these photos and get my computer fixed so I could get to work…and then the craziness started!  My computer broke…I spent many nights on hold with the tech support people…and the photo processing got delayed. I’m pretty sure the Geek Squad at Best Buy know me by name…but I’m back! Cue the angels singing!  Well kind of back.  My war with technology is nearing an end and while I don’t have my complete Photoshop up and running…I’m close.  Close enough to post these photos at least!

Meet the Muhlstadt’s:

I went home for a weekend a month or so ago and my sister-in-law asked me to take some pictures of the cutest kids in the whole-wide world.  And no I do not think I’m biased at all.  I mean hey…I may be their Aunt…they really are the cutest kids EVER.

I know he looks so calm in this picture…and he really is a sweet, sweet boy.  But he is a fireball of energy, you can see the twinkle in his eyes.  He rarely stops moving…even for a nano-second.  This meant Aunt Kate was EXHAUSTED after this session.  I mean exhausted in a way I’ve never felt before.  Not even after shooting 12 hours of wedding in Vegas heat.  That little boy wears. me. out!  Kelli…not sure how you keep up!

And this sweetheart…there just aren’t enough ways to express was a sweet little girl she is…and check out those lashes!

I miss these kids…every single day.  Kelli if you could just stall them from getting any older…and least until say Thanksgiving when I’m home to see them again…that would be perfect! More to come soon…

Oh the details…

This girl loves her some details.  Afterall, couples take so much time to add special touches to their day, it’s only right to celebrate the beautiful details separate from the regular wedding post dontcha think?

Let’s start with the best detail of the whole wedding…well at least it’s one of my favorites…the dress!

This dress was sooooo Brandi!  Not only did it fit her to perfection, but I couldn’t have pictured a dress that suited her better. Asymetrical with a few special details….perfection!

The bridesmaid dresses had a little touch of bling also…and what a great color for a fun summer Vegas wedding!

Speaking of bling…

And what fun Vegas touches they had all throughout the wedding celebration…

And what a perfect Vegas wedding cake!

I’ll end with an unintentional detail…Here I was trying to capture the halarious-ness that was the belt mishap…nothing a corkscrew, screwdriver and other random gadgets couldn’t fix…but in the meantime I managed to catch the bridal party’s favorite team…Go Hawks!

Aren’t details just the best!

Have you noticed my lack of posting…

Noticed all those sneak peeks I started and haven’t finished…

Like Brandi & Cody’s wedding details or Stephanie & Travis’ engagement photos or Colin’s pictures…

Yup….I noticed too.

Let me explain.  Computer and technology really suck sometimes. Like REALLY suck! And one of those times is right now.  I have an old-er desktop computer which I used solely for the purpose of photo processing.  This lovely computer of mine…crashed.  Yup…that’s right just up and stopped working all together.  Can’t get to my photo files or anything.

Now luckily I’m good about regularly backing up my hard drive.  I have all my client photos saved in multiple locations and they are just fine.  (Thank Goodness!) But I did have some recent personal files … like the Farm Trip photos & the Sunflowers (just to name a few) that may be lost forever. 

 Have I mentioned I hate computers…

So after approximately 93827162 phone calls to tech support, where I could understand exactly 93827161 tech support workers, and about a million “how to fix your computer”/”how to replace your hard drive” you tube self-help videos. I’m hopefully making progress. 

I hate computers…

Please hold on tight.  I promise I’ll be back up and running as soon as the cable-gadget I purchased comes in the mail.  And I’m sure after much cussing, crying, and sweat I’ll get things moving again.

Stupid computers!