Oh the details…

This girl loves her some details.  Afterall, couples take so much time to add special touches to their day, it’s only right to celebrate the beautiful details separate from the regular wedding post dontcha think?

Let’s start with the best detail of the whole wedding…well at least it’s one of my favorites…the dress!

This dress was sooooo Brandi!  Not only did it fit her to perfection, but I couldn’t have pictured a dress that suited her better. Asymetrical with a few special details….perfection!

The bridesmaid dresses had a little touch of bling also…and what a great color for a fun summer Vegas wedding!

Speaking of bling…

And what fun Vegas touches they had all throughout the wedding celebration…

And what a perfect Vegas wedding cake!

I’ll end with an unintentional detail…Here I was trying to capture the halarious-ness that was the belt mishap…nothing a corkscrew, screwdriver and other random gadgets couldn’t fix…but in the meantime I managed to catch the bridal party’s favorite team…Go Hawks!

Aren’t details just the best!