This sneak peek has been a long time coming.  I was so excited to get home after shooting these photos and get my computer fixed so I could get to work…and then the craziness started!  My computer broke…I spent many nights on hold with the tech support people…and the photo processing got delayed. I’m pretty sure the Geek Squad at Best Buy know me by name…but I’m back! Cue the angels singing!  Well kind of back.  My war with technology is nearing an end and while I don’t have my complete Photoshop up and running…I’m close.  Close enough to post these photos at least!

Meet the Muhlstadt’s:

I went home for a weekend a month or so ago and my sister-in-law asked me to take some pictures of the cutest kids in the whole-wide world.  And no I do not think I’m biased at all.  I mean hey…I may be their Aunt…they really are the cutest kids EVER.

I know he looks so calm in this picture…and he really is a sweet, sweet boy.  But he is a fireball of energy, you can see the twinkle in his eyes.  He rarely stops moving…even for a nano-second.  This meant Aunt Kate was EXHAUSTED after this session.  I mean exhausted in a way I’ve never felt before.  Not even after shooting 12 hours of wedding in Vegas heat.  That little boy wears. me. out!  Kelli…not sure how you keep up!

And this sweetheart…there just aren’t enough ways to express was a sweet little girl she is…and check out those lashes!

I miss these kids…every single day.  Kelli if you could just stall them from getting any older…and least until say Thanksgiving when I’m home to see them again…that would be perfect! More to come soon…